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November 24, 2012
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app for RA: Katsou Ryuu (Update Now a dragon) by waur app for RA: Katsou Ryuu (Update Now a dragon) by waur
My application for :iconrosetteacademy: I don't really like the way I shaded this time. I updated some of his history and the reason behind his name. It is located in the history section. He is not japanese, someone gave Katsou the name, and they were Japanese.

Name: Katsou Ryuu
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 13
Blood Type: O
Race: Fire Dragon
Dorm: Blue Rose
Key: Key of Gaia

Powers: Katsou is imune to fire, as he is a fire dragon. He fights with 2 longer knives and can wield a bit of fire, however embedded within the knives are powers that can be released. There are 10 levels that the knives can transform into. These levels are simply different variations of the knives. Katsou can't contain the higher levels for more than a short period of time as they require a lot of energy. Katsou also has another energy level hidden within, which he doesn't currently understand how to control. This energy is so dense and pure, Katsou sometimes goes crazy if he taps into too much. The crazy Katsou has a huge speed upgrade and the ability to wield fire in dangerously large amounts, however his common sense, sense of pain, emotions, and realization of his allies are taken away as a consequence.

Personality: His personality is a two-sided. He grew up in the slums of Montriella, making him trust nobody, and be this harsh and cold to strangers who show no compassion. The other part of him wants to be friends with many people, but people fear him because of his risk that he goes crazy. He cares for the simplest of things and gives thanks for those things as well.

Hobbies: skateboarding, drawing (he's not very good at it.), and baking.
Likes: Dubstep, Rock, sleeping, friends, food, cookies, high places, baseball, adrenaline, dogs and various other animals.

Dislikes: Mean people, pop, country rock, and cats (he's allergic to them.).
1. Worlds History and Culture
2. Math and Astronomy
3. Alchemy and Runes
4. Arts and Music
5. Divination and Clairvoyance.

History: Katsou was abandoned when he was a baby, and his master took him in. He had been lying abandoned in a trash bin, locates in the middle of the slums. He was crying his heart out and some people passed by, however not his master. His master kind-heartedly took him in knowing this child had a great potential for power. His master knew that if he didn't raise this child well, someone else might take him and create a monster. Katsou knew nothing about himself, and his master never called him anything. He never had a name. He was simply known as 'you' or 'disciple'. He grew up being taught by his master on how to fight barehanded, with blades, and with guns. He learned how to control fire, for conventual and fighting purposes. The famiy of 2 was very poor. They usually had to scavenge for food and sometimes had to resort to stealing food from store. However when Katsou turned 7, his master died. He inherited money, a note, and the knives he uses now. The note had told him to use the money to go to Rosette Academy and become a splendid imp, but before he did that he was to go to another person his master knew to further learn to harvest his powers. As his master's last wish, Katsou set his hopes on Rosette academy.
At this point in time he had known nothing about himself. He only had one set of cloths, and one set of shoes. He carried the knives in a sack along with some food he had stolen from a cart. Katsou thought he didn't need any more training, and decided to head straight to Rosette Academy. He went the wrong way, ignoring the signs. He headed through the dimensional gate towards Earth. Upon arrival, he asked multiple people where Rosette academy was, and the strangers either ignored him or called him an idiot. He kept asking around until he got to this 70 year old man who replied "What's your name?". Kastou, not having a name answered, "I don't have a name sir.". The old man told him to follow him. The old man had led him to his house and asked him to explain his story. He gathered info on Katsou, listening to the information Kastou gave him. Then he told Katsou this, "You have no name, yet you seek out Rosette academy. You have no cloths, yet you still seek out a school with a uniform. People like you have a name: fools. You fools do not heed the warnings of others. You do not see the consequences of your actions, and only think what is best for themselves and their allies. You fools even fail to recognize the reality of the world. This foolishness can lead to great consequences, but it can also lead to great achievements. I see myself in you. You will have great achievements and far greater challenges. I like you. You're a character, and every character needs a name. Your new name is 'Katsou Ryuu'. The first part of the name means 'Victorious Child'. The second part however is different. I want you to never forget your roots. Your roots as a dragon, as a person are linked within this name. You are a dragon at heart, you will do bad things, but you personality will shape your definition of bad. Ryuu is your last name. Be proud child."
Under his study with his new master Katsou never forgot his forgot his self as a dragon. He propelled himself forward with the power the goal to enter Rosette academy, and never once faltered on his effort. He learned how to better understand the knives and his own powers. He worked hard all day and not resting until 8pm. He learned the basic things too, like manners, and how to bake. His new master taught him how to climb, free run and do manny other things. However this master also treated him harshly, telling him the world was harsh and that he had to prepare for it. His master never once showed any emotion other than anger. At the age of 15 his new master gave him money, and told him he to achieve his old master's last wish. He lead him back to the dimensional gates and the master and disciple split paths. Katsou looked back one last time as he headed towards Rosette Academy, and what he saw stunned him. His master was on his knees, and he was crying. He was wailing like a little baby. The reasons of the sudden outburst were unknown, but Katsou felt happy as his new master had finally showed emotion towards Katsou.

Dragon Powers and Appearance [Dragon form]
-----Even though he's a fire dragon, his skill is not red, but rather black.
----- His dragon appearance is 15 feet, however he is still growing in human form and in dragon form.
His powers while in the form of a dragon
-----He can breath fire
-----He can fly
-----He can do basic hand to claw tactics while in dragon mode. (like hitting you with his wing)

When he is in dragon form he looses common sense and gains the common sense OF A DRAGON. He can recognize allies however. He can't stay in this form forever. He actually doesn't like this form, and refuses to use it unless he absolutely has to and all the other options are used up.

Knife Levels: [Power, form, energy]
1. No powers, just knives, Requires no energy to maintain level (Ones you see in the picture.)
2. No powers, short swords, requires a little energy, (Katsou's max time was 10 hours.)
3. Fire, short swords, requires a little bit more energy, (Katsou's max time was 8 hours)
4. No powers, heavy sword, requires more energy, (Katsou's max time was 6 hours.)
5. Fire, Heavy sword, requires a medium amount of energy, (Kastou's max: 5 hours)
6. No powers, Desert Eagle, requires a lot of energy (Katsou's max: 30 minutes.)
7. Fire, M4A1, requires a lot of energy (Katsou's max: 25 minutes.)
8. Fire, Barret 50 Cal., requires a lot of energy (Katsous max: 20 minutes.)
9. Fire, golden Long sword, requires a ton of energy (Katsou has never used this. His max would be 5 minutes if he did.)
10. Fire, golden Desert Eagle, requires an amazingly huge amount of energy (Katsou's max if he were to access the gun while he was crazy would be 1 minute)

Fun Facts:
-He bakes cookies every week to store in his backpack for snacks later on.
-He loves to draw pictures in class.
-back home he had to leave his familiar which is a dragon about 1 foot in length who flys around him.
-He loves to be in hot places. It reminds him of home.
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